Teeth Cleaning In Delacombe, Ballarat

Even after brushing teeth twice a day sometimes you might get the feeling that the teeth are not completely clean. Does it happen with you?

Whatever you eat or drink it may get stuck in the spaces between your teeth or gums which might be difficult to be removed by simply brushing. The accumulation of food causes plaque and may end up in deposition of calculus often termed as tartar and stains that can discolour the teeth.

If you are facing such problems then it is advised to get a professional teeth cleaning at Delacombe Family Dental. Let’s understand what is the difference between plaque, calculus and staining.

How often would you need professional teeth cleaning?


Well it varies person to person and depends on several factors like your brushing habits, eating habits etc. If you are looking for teeth cleaning services in Delacombe or have question about it, then feel free to get in touch with us.